Book Design

A printed book has a presence and a legacy. Within an ever-changing world for digital vs. print, a beautifully designed book will forge a strong physical connection with the reader.

Instead of avoiding the digital environment, we work to develop that connection and broaden your books narrative through the use of social media, reader clubs, apps, spinoff products and films.

Crafting a stunning piece of book design can elate you consumers and give them a tactile reminder of who you are and what you do.

-       Flat planning
-       Content flow
-       Narrative structure
-       Finishes
-       Design
-       Production
-       Packaging

Select Clients:

Piper Physiotherapy
Kay Elizabeth Jones
Stoneyford Developments
The Stonemasonry Company LTD
The Wine Bar & All Saints

Bakehouse Kitchen
More Travel
Milo Bears
Paten & Co