We worked with Frontline to refresh and redesign their brand identity, crafting a new style that better reflected the progressive, innovative and modern company they are.

Frontline and Seymour are marketing and magazine distribution specialists. Their expertise and knowledge allows them to seamlessly manage the distribution and circulation of magazines from the publishers to the printers, to the carriers, to the wholesalers, to the retailers and finally, to the readers.

Over the years, they have developed and cultivated a strong relationship with their clients. This has allowed them to develop and expand, acquiring new businesses and broadening their position within the marketplace. Although the company has been expanding rapidly, the overall styling and aesthetic of the group hadn’t changed and instead reflected a company in the past, as opposed to the forward thinking, progressive and ambitious companies Frontline and Seymour are.

Working together with the team at Frontline, we crafted a robust brand strategy that would allow the company to evolve and reassert a recognisable presence within the market. The design was crafted to be bright, professional and bold - utilising a vibrant colour palette, abstract imagery and a confident tone to better showcase the brands persona to new and existing clients.


- Brand strategy
- Brand positioning
- Brand design
- Imagery
- Stationery
- Presentation development

Frontline Magazine Distribution - Before

Frontline Magazine Distribution - Before

Frontline Magazine Distribution - After

Frontline Magazine Distribution - After

Frontline Magazine Distribution - Wider group logo

Frontline Magazine Distribution - Wider group logo