Kay Jones is an established and skilled upholsterer with years of experience and knowledge carefully crafting beautiful products and soft furnishings for clients. Having spent years working for others, Kay was ready to tackle the market and set up her own business. 

The design took inspiration from the block like structures found within the industry such as; windows, frames, blinds, etc. The design plays with the concept to symbolise Kay at the centre of it all. The design looked to combines elements of Kay Jones’s name to create a truly unique mark that would be used as a seal of quality and sophistication.

The whole identity is centred around being simplistic and contemporary, allowing for the seamless inclusion of textures and images no matter how complex.

To accompany the new brand identity a completely responsive website was created, mimicking the calming and tranquil nature of Kay and the work she creates for clients.


- Brand identity design
- Photography
- Website design & development